Children's Ministry

Age appropriate, Biblically-Based, Gospel-Centered Lessons.

What to Expect

Edgewood’s Children’s Ministry, known as Greenhouse, is a full-hour service geared toward children from preschool through third grade that takes place during the main worship services on Saturday and Sunday. Just like a greenhouse, we believe our programming provides the best environment for children to grow in their faith.

Each service begins with a Plug-In Activity where kids will get a sneak peek of what the service’s lesson will be about. The Plug-In Activity is followed by Large Group Time, which includes a Gospel-centered lesson, praise and worship, and prayer time. The service wraps up with small group time, where the kids are separated by age and meet with a leader to dig deeper into the lesson. By the end of Greenhouse, it is our hope that the students will have encountered God and feel compelled to lead a life with Him at the center.


If you didn't catch this video shown at our service, take the time now to watch this short video recapping our 2016 VBS. We had a fantastic week and couldn't have done it without all our helpers and volunteers.

Want to know more?

The curriculum we use is called The Gospel Project, which lets us teach how Christ fits into the entire gospel story, from pre-creation to eternity. This Christ-centered Bible study resource follows a chronological time-line of Biblical events, presenting the story of redemption through Jesus through the use of video, music, activities, and so much more!

For more information about our children's ministry or to get involved email or call one of our leaders!

Diane Knowlton


Jennie Patrykus