Life Groups at Edgewood

A life group is a group of 3-12 people that meet regularly in homes or at church for friendship, encouragement, Bible study and prayer.  Life groups help ground people in gospel-centered living by together applying Scripture to daily life.  They also provide a place to build spiritual friendships with others (community) and give a context for mission to each other as well as comrades for mission outward to others. 

Most life groups meet on weekday evenings.  A few meet on weekends, mornings or afternoons.  A life group gathering usually lasts from 1 ½ to 2 hours.  We have adult groups for couples, women, men,  and Young Adults (18-30 years).  Many of our groups are a mix of couples and singles. 

Your First Visit

When you come to a life group, expect to sit in a circle, facing others.   Groups usually start with a fun, non-threatening question for everyone to answer.  Groups then spend some time watching a video teacher or reading a Bible text and discussing what they have read/watched.   Finally, groups share concerns from their own lives they would like others to pray about and pray for each other.   Many groups also start or end with some treats and time to talk and connect with each other.


+ What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a group of 3-12 people that meet regularly in homes or at church for friendship, encouragement, Bible study and prayer.

+ When and where do they meet?

Most Life Groups meet weekday evenings. At times there are also groups that meet on a weekday morning or on the weekend.

+ How long do they last and what is the commitment?

Life Groups generally last between 1 ½ and 2 hours and we ask you to commit to attending regularly for a season (for example, the fall season) or for the duration of the resource used (typically 6-12 weeks.)

+ What will we study?

Some of our groups will do sermon-based studies. Each weekend at the Welcome Center you’ll find questions that will help your group discuss and apply the sermon from the weekend. These questions are used as a study guide. You are encouraged to work through the questions and bring them along to your group each week. Some of our life groups will also study various curricula chosen by the leader or the group. Some of these go through a book of the Bible or are on a pertinent topic. Each year Pastor Mike also suggests some curricula that he feels are important, relevant, or especially suitable for growth in our lives of faith.

+ How do I connect to a Life Group?

Most of our Life Groups meet September through May and break for the summer. Each fall we hold a large connection event in late August and early September. This is a great time to connect to a group. You can also join a group most anytime by calling or emailing Pastor Mike (324-5007 ext. 102 or and working with him to find a good fit.

+ Can I bring my children to the group?

Life Groups are designed for adults. Some groups do however work together to share babysitting expenses and arrangements. This is a decision for each group to make on their own where children are involved.

+ What kind of Life Groups are offered?

We have adult groups for couples, women, men, singles, and young adults (18-30 years). Many of our groups are a mix of couples and singles.

+ How do I become a Life Group Leader?

Many of our leaders emerge from existing Life Groups. We also offer leader training sessions or groups. Others prefer to serve as an apprentice and learn group leadership skills on the job. If you are interested in talking more about becoming a group leader please contact Pastor Mike.

Meet our Life Group Ministry Director

Pastor Mike Giebink serves as our Associate Pastor and oversees the Life Group Ministry here at Edgewood Community Church.


If you would like to find a group, have additional questions about groups, or desire to lead a group, please contact me I would love to talk to you.

-Mike Giebink
Associate Pastor


Got Questions?

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