How you can help.

At Edgewood Community Church, one of our discipleship essentials is MISSION: Serving the least, reaching the lost, and loving one another.  We believe that one of the ways we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ is to actively love God and love our neighbors.  And we believe that one of the ways our neighbors and communities come to know of God’s love is through our acts of service and love.
There are many opportunities to engage in acts of love and service toward your neighbors and those in need around you.  The Edgewood Mission Ministry Team has directed some of it's budget toward “Edgewood on Mission” grants – money available to help you help others.
The idea is simple. Maybe you have a neighbor who needs groceries or dog food or medicine that you can buy for them.  Or you want to stock a bunch of backpacks with supplies and activities for kids who are learning at home.  Or you want to pass out some great evangelistic material in your neighborhood. The two main criteria are:
#1.  The project needs to involve you and others serving – the grant money must be used for supplies, not for directly giving to people or organizations.
#2.  The project needs to be focused on “serving the least, reaching the lost, and loving one another” in the wide variety of ways that can be done in Jesus’ name.
Below is the application – 4 questions that help flesh out your vision.  Fill it out and a member of the Missions Ministry Team will follow up with you.  Get creative!  Get missional!  Get involved!

Application From