Go therefore and make disciples...

Edgewood supports a variety of missionary efforts in the United States and Internationally. Pleast take a moment to see where these fine stewards of God's word are working and spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Don Buege

Blazing Trees

As Director of Shepherds with Blazing Trees since 2018, Don serves in two capacities.  His international ministry includes discipleship training in Russia, and Ecuador.  Here in Wisconsin, Don is a corporate chaplain with Kunes RV, serving the 210 employees at six store locations, on a weekly basis.  He and the Blazing Trees CEO work closely together to oversee the agency's work.  Don's very favorite ministry is the discipling of men, and he has relationships with several Edgewood guys who he meets with regularly.  He and his wife Jackie have been married for 45 years; they have a married son (Josh) and daughter (Becky), and two awesome grandkids, Penelope (9) and Oliver (5).

Emma Lurvey

His House Christian Fellowship
As a campus missionary at Ripon College, Emma spends her time discipling students through one-on-one spiritual growth meetings, large group worship meetings, small group discussions, retreats, events, and trips. College students are searching for their identity and independence as adults. They are choosing everything about their future for the first time. This transition period includes soul decisions about God, life, and faith. Through listening, asking questions, and sharing God's Word, Emma works to bring students the "endless treasures" available in Christ (Eph 3:8).

Luke Hatfield

His House Christian Fellowship
Coming soon!

Joel Screnock

Badgerland Youth for Christ

Joel is the Juvenile Justice Ministry Director for Badgerland Youth for Christ. Joel has a heart for those who are in jail to experience the life transformation that come through faith is Jesus Christ.

Scott Ritzema

Badgerland Youth for Christ
As the Ministry Director for Badgerland Youth for Christ, Scott has had a heart for youth for a long time. With close to two decades of experience in ministry, Scott loves to come alongside others in their journey with Jesus.  Whether they have been involved in the church their entire life or are just beginning to explore what else is out there, Scott wants to love people well with the love of His Savior.  Scott has spoken at many churches as well as retreats and training seminars.  He tends to get passionate and wears his emotions on his sleeve.  More than anything else, Scott wants to model his life after Jesus.

Jared and Sarah Mathison

Milwaukee Metro CRU
Jared has served on the Milwaukee Metro Cru team since 2021 and is currently most involved with Cru at UW-Milwaukee and UWM at Waukesha. His ministry largely consists of discipling and walking alongside students to push them closer to Jesus, planning events to grow and deepen the Cru movements in the greater Milwaukee area, and equipping students to have a multiplying and sent life both during college and for the rest of their lives. Jared has a passion for college student ministry, as these students are in a unique phase of life where big questions are being asked by young people finally out on their own in the real world. Jared was involved with Cru as a student at UW-Oshkosh, where Cru was the catalyst for his life to move from just passively believing in God to a committed follower of Christ. Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus, and our mission in Milwaukee is to partner with others to raise up ethnically diverse multiplying disciples who reach the world.

Veronica Ventrice

Victoria has served with CRU prison ministry for the last 45 years.  She has a love for women who have had abuse of every kind in their lives.  She presently works at Robert Ellsworth Correctional.  It is a medium security prison housing over 300 women.  She has a team of 6 volunteers who work with her.  Two women work in a jail and share the Gospel weekly.  The other volunteers do one on one discipleship.  Her and the volunteers spend individual time developing a relationship that enables them to teach the women Godly principles in the context of their lives.  She also has a weekly Bible Study where she desires to teach and train the women to teach and train others.

Bruce & Jackie Redmond

Planting Churches Ministry and Resound Now
Bruce Redmond is the Director of Planting Churches Ministries serving the EFCA Southeast and beyond. He was the pastor of Randolph Free Church when the Lord prompted the vision to plant a daughter church in Waupun and Edgewood was birthed. It has been a great joy to see how the Lord has multiplied His Kingdom through Edgewood far greater than what was imagined. The Lord has used Bruce in the church planting movement across the US through strategic networks and partnerships. He currently oversees nine southern states, Puerto Rico and Haiti with recruiting, assessing, equipping and coaching church planting couples and teams to begin healthy new churches.  Jackie ministers alongside Bruce with hosting church planting couples in their home, doing assessments and using her gift of exhortation to encourage relational, missional ministry. Her passion for Jesus and women has taken her nationally and beyond as a trainer for Sonlife Ministries, and as the former EFCA Director of Women in Ministry. Jackie is presently the director of Resound Now, a non-profit disciple making ministry and recently began coaching and teaching her one day disciple making seminar called The Hike of Your Life through EFCA PREPARED, a two year on-line theology program open to all women in ministry.

Victor and Dawn

SEND North
Victor and Dawn have served in the north for 25 years. For the past 15 years they have been in a community of 200 people, mostly Alaska Native of the Athabaskan and Yupik descent. They live among the people sharing the truth of the gospel in day-to-day life. Victor is a mechanic and interacts with various people while fixing things. He also has a trapline in the winter months. Dawn uses photography to build bridges and visits elders. She also works part time at the school- a great way to connect with the kids. In the summer we host a week of Kids Klub and send a few kids to bible camp.

John and Anita Koeshall

Assemblies of God World Missions
John and Anita Koeshall founded Students for Christ (SFC) Europe in 1981, in Munich, Germany. The student ministry grew and spread throughout 17 countries in Europe. John and Anita now serve as consultants for planting student ministry on other continents, such as Africa, South America, and Asia. John and Anita both have a PhD in intercultural studies and are consultants and trainers for new cross-cultural workers.

Marcel Maxim

Biserica Crestina Emanuel Galati
Marcel is a full-time employee, deacon, and church secretary in the local church. He is involved in the mission in Galați county where he takes care of two small churches in the country. Marcel is also involved in the program, "Young People on the Threshold of Life”, which is held in the high schools of the city and deals with the prevention of drug use, abortion, tobacco, alcohol, and bullying. He is also involved in teaching at a Mathetis Bible school for the southern part of the country, in church catechism courses, and preaching in the local church.

Parker Sadwoski

Overland Missions
I work as a missionary for Overland Missions. Overland Missions exists to reach the most remote places in the world to engage neglected and unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are in 16 different countries pioneering, evangelizing, disciplining, & training leaders. The Lord set a fire in me after two weeks of evangelizing Cambodia in 2019 going house to house ministering with Overland Missions. Parker has ministered with Overland Missions in 4 different countries including Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, & Brazil.

Preston and Jersey Sheldon

Overland Missions
Preston and Jersey Sheldon serve as the Directors of the Expedition Division through an international ministry called Overland Missions. Their mission work focuses overseas and stateside. When overseas, they focus on bringing the Gospel to the most neglected and remote people groups. Their division does this by personally ministering and doing reconnaissance in new nations their organization doesn't currently serve in, as well as sending two-week expeditions into areas their missionaries live in to reach the lost and see them saved. The second part of their ministry is traveling in the United States to build a passion for global missions in the hearts of Christ followers. Recruiting individuals for short term teams to spread the gospel overseas within the American Church is a huge part of their time in America, as well as doing street evangelism and discipling those that sign up for trips.

Mark Giebink

Teach Beyond
As the Director of Member Care Global for Teach Beyond, I have the privilege of leading the Member Care team as we support our members' well-being and help them develop the internal resources to be all God intends. We prepare candidates for service, come alongside them with confidential support, and provide resources to help them have a healthy and sustainable life and ministry.

Cory Anibal

Calvary Life Fellowship
Cory Anibal ministers in Serbia, serving in three evangelical churches. Cory's passion is that people make decisions for the Messiah and to see believers grow as faithful and fruitful members of His body. His ministry within the church involves sharing the teaching of the Word of God with local pastors, leading home-group Bible studies, visiting with church families in their homes to learn of their needs and to pray with them, discipling youth, hosting international ministry teams, and serving at summer camps. He also participates in village workdays and meets with local men to hear their stories and to answer their questions and looks for ways to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gordy and Bear Grover

EFCA ReachGlobal
The Grovers joined ReachGlobal in 1992, after ten years with another mission. Since then, they developed a youth mission program, served a term with EFCA Crisis Response building homes in Peru and planting a church after an earthquake, and a term mentoring young Cameroonian ministry leaders in Africa.
Gordy and Bear are now leading the ReachGlobal Santo Domingo City Team in the Dominican Republic. They are partnering with a growing network of churches across the capital to help university students and 20-somethings develop a deep and reproducing discipleship, a solidly Biblical worldview, and intellectual confidence in their faith. Please pray for team members to join them from the U.S. and for the university students and young adults of the Dominican Republic!


Go To Nations
Ryan and his wife Argene have a heart for the least reached in Asia and beyond to have an opportunity to know and worship our Lord, Jesus Christ. They are helping expand the kingdom by helping equip locals with Bible School trainings, and Kairos Course trainings on missions.  They are also accomplishing this through leading short-term missions to some of the least reached near-by nations in Asia and helping equip individuals and churches to join in the Great Commission.  While Ryan and Argene are reaching out beyond the borders of Iloilo, they also evangelize and disciple youth locally. Ryan's discipleship is mostly with young men that have been moved to a relocation site by the government. Argene disciples young women from colleges and helps with Chi Alpha, a Christian college organization. Ryan and Argene are also excited to be a part of teaching youth on starting Christian businesses that disciple. One avenue of discipleship is through a local woodworking business outside of Iloilo. The goal of this is to provide employment, identity, worth, and daily discipleship in everyday life for those in need.

Alan & Whitney Brown

Life Impact Care
Life Impact exists to give every Christian leader, on every major continent, access and opportunity to be refreshed through rest, retreat, encouragement, safety, and transformation.
Oases hosts offer a transformative hospitality experience, providing a safe, nurturing and restorative environment where leaders can be refueled, restored, and ready to return to work with fresh vigor and endurance.

John Martinez

G.O. Ministries
John Martinez ministers in the Dominican Republic and Haiti with GO Ministries. He works to encourage and hold accountable pastors and local leaders of growing churches. John is also actively involved in the GO program to plant 1000 churches in 10 years. He also works with teams who come to the island to serve which provides them with opportunities for mutual transformation as teams and nationals work to Redeem, Renew and Restore God's creation.

Greg and Susan Savitt

Voice in the Wilderness
Voice in the Wilderness was founded over 25 years ago by the late Philip DelRe. His widowed wife, Susan, continues his ministry, along with her new husband, Greg Savitt. They are passionate about reaching the lost and equipping the church for ministry.
Some of our ministry’s highlights:  Daily one-on-one direct evangelism, cutting-edge tracts dealing with issues that others are afraid to talk about, worldwide distribution of tracts & books, citywide billboards proclaiming the Gospel, booths at city & state fairs throughout the USA & Canada. We also love preaching & teaching in churches, schools, small groups, and prisons. Our website has resources to help you grow & evangelize, with 50+ Q&A dealing with God, the Bible, Jesus, evangelism, cults & more.

Sally Thompson

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Coming Soon!

Alex & Brittany

Missionaries Oversees